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Color Vision Deficiency

colortestEverybody has three color pigments in their retinas in an equal ratio of red, green and blue. Color defective people have a deficiency of red or green or perhaps both. Color Correcting Contact Lens Filters work by changing the level of each color of the non-dominant eye. The brain is being sent two completely different sets of signals and the resultant confusion allows the brain to differentiate between colors which had previously looked the same. The result is that the color range perceived by the color deficient individual is increased two or three fold.

Color Corrective Contact Lens Filter Therapy does not give the color deficient person perfect color perception, but it does give them the ability to identify more colors, shades and hues and to differentiate between them.

  • Improve general color perception
  • Make colors brighter and clearer
  • Allow shades of color, previously unseen, to be observed and discriminated
  • Assist color naming
  • Enhance safety (e.g more easily identify traffic lights and brake lights)
  • Improve performance in some color vision tests

Color Corrective Contact Lenses are prescribed at Vision Care Consultants individually to each patient by our doctors in order to replicate and optimize the missing filters in the eye. They allow visibility in shades of colors, colors are more vivid, and increase color recognition of previously unseen colors.

Correct color identification is important for several reasons. Two primary reasons are communication and safety. We describe items by color and identify people by the style and color of clothing.. Communication becomes much harder when the other person has not been given the same information as you.

Color is also integrally tied to safety. In our society, green means “go” and red means “stop,” and not being able to see the distinction could mean the difference between life and death. For example traffic lights – relying on red, green and yellow colors – and the split second it takes for a colorblind person to remember that red is on the top and green is on the bottom may be the difference between stopping at the line and getting hit by cross traffic.

Correct color identification is ingrained in each of our daily lives. The Color Corrective Contact Lens Filter allows the color blind individual to move through the world as easily as those with normal color vision.