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Dry Eye Therapy

dry_eyeDry Eye Relief

Depending on the causes, Dry Eye Syndrome can be treated as a temporary problem or a lifelong disease requiring long term treatment. Either way, tears must be conserved or replaced in order to provide relief.

oasistearsReplacing the Tears: Artificial Tears are probably the most common form of treatment for Dry Eye symptoms. This will provide temporary relief, but with prolonged use, artificial tears can actually disrupt the eye's natural production of tears and lead to further aggravation of the condition, washing away the natural infection-fighting tear film on the eye.

dry03Conserving the Tears: In cases of persistent dry eye symptoms, permanent closure of the tear duct, or punctal occlusion, may be the best solution. Punctal occlusion allows you to retain your own, natural tears without the bother or expense of constantly replacing the tear film with artificial tears.

This easy five-minute procedure is performed in the office. There is no recovery and no other precautions need to be taken after the procedure is performed. You may resume your active lifestyle without any limitations. Most medical insurance companies cover some to all of the procedure under the major medical portion of your policy. If you suffer from dry eye, ask about punctal occlusion the next time you visit the office.EZ Tears Bottle Image Front HR

Vitamins can help maintain an adequate tear film. Eye supplements like EyePromise EZ Tears has Omega 3 fatty acids and other nutrients which supports proper tear secretion and tear film health. EyePromise EZ Tears is available at Vision Care Consultants.