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Scleral Lens

Scleral lenses are contact lenses for all seasons. When you wear these contacts, you enjoy soft lens comfort, both initially and long term. Scleral contact lenses are a larger type of gas permeable contact lens that completely vaults the cornea. There is a layer of fluid between the back surface of the contact lens and the front surface of the cornea, so the contact lens does not touch the actual corneal surface. This allows you to benefit from the precision optics of gas permeable lenses with improvements providing exceptionally clear, panoramic, and unrestricted field of vision. Scleral lenses offer ease of maintenance without a complicated care system. They are made from highly oxygen permeable material to keep your eyes healthy and happy! These lenses, like soft lenses, are stationary. They will not accidentally dislodge like some other rigid lenses. If you enjoy being out in the great outdoors or participating in sports, you will find scleral lenses extremely comfortable. Ask your doctor at Vision Care Consultants if scleral lenses are right for you the next time you are in the office.