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When good vision is not good enough

contact10Late night driving, number crunching, sports, computer work, any activity that requires precise vision- if your lenses aren’t meeting the vision demands of your lifestyle, ask Vision Care Consultants about UniLens Aspheric soft contact lenses. Ideal for emerging presbyopes and those with low levels of astigmatism, this premium lens can improve contrast sensitivity and depth perception for better anticipation and response, even in low light conditions. The innovative aberration-blocking (AB) technology reduces spherical aberration, reducing flare and glare at night and eliminates halos around lights which occurs when a lens is ground perfectly spherical and does not address the irregular surface of the cornea. This is caused by light scattering in the back of the eye creating multiple focusing points. With AB technology, a series of correcting curves are designed to reflect light to a centralized single point for precise focus. So, ask Vision Care Consultants about UniLens Aspheric lenses for exceptional comfort with pristine visual acuity. If you want clearer and precise vision ask for a trial pair to compare the vision to your present lenses.