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They do an outstanding job…

Dr. Friedrich and all of the wonderful staff at Vision Care Consultants have always treated me with excellent care. They do an outstanding job of explaining all of the options that are available to me, and do so in a professional, knowledgeable way.

I used to see doctors at Clarkson Eyecare, but I never got the same doctor, and I felt like they didn’t even know who I was. When I switched, I noticed the difference right away. I feel warm and welcome right when I walk in the door. Dr. Friedrich knows me and my eyes. He asks questions and uses the latest technology to assess my situation and present all of the options that are available to me – glasses, contacts, and Lasik. And, his friendly staff provides all of the extra services that I never got at Clarkson. I can tell they want to make sure they’re providing me with the best possible care that they can. It’s evident they’re looking out for my best interests – they even explained how my vision insurance worked.

I would highly recommend VCC for anyone who’s even slightly unhappy with their current eye doctor.

- Joe Murphy, St. Louis, MO