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A genuinely caring and very kind person…

My family was referred to Dr. Friederich at Vision Care Consultants a few years ago by very good friends. We have received really exceptional care during this time. Dr. Friederich has been a wonderful eye doctor for our family, but is also clearly a genuinely caring and very kind person.

My son has had worsening myopia for a few years. Although my son has been very compliant and careful with his glasses, they were proving cumbersome with sports, swimming and being a 10 year old in general. He was offered something called corneal refractive therapy which involves wearing a rigid contact lense overnight, removing them in the morning and seeing clearly without glasses all day. This was not an easy decision to make, but Dr. Friederich was patient and thorough in his explanation. This is not an inexpensive therapy, but not cost-prohibitive either in light of all the benefits to an active child. We were given very clear and detailed information about the expense in writing before we proceeded. My son was given a great deal of encouragement at each visit relating to this therapy. I think the fact that Dr. Friederich is young and pretty cool has been a real bonus for both of my children.

In addition to years of great experiences with planned care, this past weekend we received some extra special care for my son’s injured eye. He was hit in the eye with a ball and had some subtle vision changes. This happened on a Saturday afternoon. I was relatively sure that he needed to be seen in the emergency department, but wanted to be sure before we left home. I left a message on the after hours emergency line at the office. We received a very prompt and far past kind and patient return call from Dr. Seibel. He said that we needed to be seen and met us at the closed office at 5pm on a Saturday. It was an involved exam and he spent an hour with us. I never expected to be seen urgently by the practice. I was really impressed and so grateful to not spend an evening in the emergency department. I was also pleasantly surprised to be charged a fair price for this service that was equivalent to our emergency co-pay, but without all the inconvenience of an emergency visit.

- Wendy S.