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Vision Care Consultants Celebrates our 50th Anniversary!

VCC Doctors with SCOur founder, Dr. Rex Ghormley, opened our practice in 1972 at Union Rd. and Lindbergh Blvd. in the St. Louis Federal Savings & Loan building. Our original name was Contact Lens Consultants. In 1978, we moved to St. Anthony’s Medical Building which is now the Mercy Doctors building on Kennerly Rd. In 1985, we moved to our current office location. With expanded facilities, our practice had the ability to now offer a full spectrum of eyecare including treatment of eye disease, eyeglasses as well as our specialty contact lenses. In 1992, with the broadened scope of services, our name changed to our current name, Vision Care Consultants. Since then, the office building has undergone three major renovations in order to keep a state-of-the-art eyecare facility for our patients. Dr. David Seibel joined the practice in 1987 followed by Dr. Craig Brawley in 2001, Dr. Dan Friederich in 2008 and Dr. Marie Wehner in 2010.

Vision Care Consultants becomes St. Louis’ Premier Sports Vision Practice.

Dr. Seibel  Coach BurbeAs high-level athletes require perfect vision, it was a natural fit that Vision Care Consultants was sought out by top athletes and athletic trainers to provide players exceptional eyecare. In 1987, our doctors became the official team eye doctors for the St. Louis Blues Hockey Team and all of the University of Missouri Tigers sports teams. In 1990, we became the official eye doctors for the St. Louis Rams including participating in two Super Bowl seasons before the team left St. Louis. “Trust the Professionals Who the Professionals Trust” became our slogan. Today, we have continued to care for the St. Louis Blues for over 35 years and our doctors enjoyed our 2019 Stanley Cup season.

Still Family Owned, Independently Owned, and Locally Owned after all these years!

Most of the optometry and ophthalmology practices in St. Louis have been bought out by large out of town corporations and private equity firms. Vison Care Consultants refuses to sell out as the doctors will not lower our quality of care or quality of our products to our patients. Our doctors and staff are part of the local community, churches and schools and wish to keep that high tech, high touch approach to delivering the finest eye care.

Thank you for supporting Vision Care Consultants for 50 Years!

It has been a privilege for the doctors and staff at Vision Care Consultants to have you as our patients. It’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly. Thank you for your continued support by purchasing your contact lenses and eyeglasses with us so that we can be here next year to provide you with the same high quality eyecare you have come to expect from us. Here’s to 50 more years!